Commodore Composite Doors

If you are looking for the ultimate in home security without compromising on good looks, then look no further than the Commodore composite door.

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  • Commodore Composite Doors

    Based on the same Monocoque construction that was developed to make racing cars both strong and light, the Goliath door is a rugged performer designed to withstand the most determined attacker. At the heart of every Goliath door is a reinforced internal frame combining 9mm composite with a high density core material to resist physical attack as well as keeping heat in and noise out. Bonded to this is an attractive, scratch resistant ABS skin
    to ensure the Goliath door has great looks to match its strength. Add to this a high-integrity, multi point locking system and you have a door that is a serious problem for the most determined intruder. The Goliath door may be a heavyweight performer but it still retains a light and easy feel in everyday use – and it will stay that way for many years to come.

    With the Goliath door you need never compromise beauty for security. You can choose exactly the look you want from a great range of styles, colours and of course decorative glazing.

    Choose the Goliath door and you can be sure to keep out more than intruders. With an overall thickness of 65mm, and double glazed units fitted as standard, its unique construction ensures a higher level of both heat and sound insulation than any conventional timber or PVC-u door. Its fully rebated edge with double weather seals keeps out rain and draughts too.

  • Composite Doors Features

    • PVC-u Outer Frame
    • Reinforcing
    • Double Seal
    • Aluminium Stile
    • 9mm composite to insulate and absorb impact
    • High density core material
    • Acrylic capped ABS (scratch resistant)

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