Ecological responsibility is a fundamental principle of McMullan O’Donnell. This is true not only with regard to the selection of raw materials and production methods but also with regard to the development of our products and our extensive recycling activities.

  • Environmental

    McMullan O’Donnell’s success as a company is, in part, dependant on responsible environmental stewardship, including our approaches to natural resources, waste management and recycling, energy efficiency, air and water emissions, and indoor air quality.

    McMullan O’Donnell’s employees are committed to ensuring that all company operations proactively comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations for the implicit purpose of protecting human health and the environment. McMullan O’Donnell’s employees are encouraged to identify opportunities for integrating environmentally favourable solutions into operations, as well as, into the long term benefits of the products we manufacture. McMullan O’Donnell specialises in the modern PVC material which provides important advantages both economically and ecologically. PVC has an extremely long lifespan as it is particularly weatherproof and age resistant.

    In this context, PVC provides decisive advantages beginning with environmentally friendly production through to the most advanced manufacturing methods and energy saving processing. Closed cycles help reduce the consumption of energy and water. There are no costs for repainting since the surface is permanently maintenance- free. At the same time stability and insulation values are really outstanding. Environmentally friendly processes are integral to McMullan O’Donnell’s company philosophy - from production through to recycling. For it is particularly complex industrial production processes that involve the need - but also the great opportunity – to minimise damage to the environment throughout the work process.